How It All Started

I was always drawn to crystals and the moon. They are two objects that have made me believe that life is not just as we see it. That there is something more, something magical that we are yet to understand.

My mum has always got me the nicest, most thoughtful gifts & when she opened her successful jewellery shop in 2015, my birthday and Christmas gifts were taken to a whole new level. Personalised handcrafted necklaces, rings & earrings! So I really wanted to create something special just for her.

It didn't take my long to work out what I wanted to make, I've always had a big collection of dreamcatchers. Some online shopping, YouTube videos and balls of yarn later I had created something completely unique and one of a kind for my mum. She was really happy with her handmade gift. And it inspired me to make more, so I did.

I set up an Instagram profile and started sharing photo's of my dreamcatcher's on there. My next step was Etsy, somewhere people could purchase my decorations. I started off making orders in my bedroom. 

I took a break from my decorations for a couple of years to have my children.  

When I came back I launched my own website, built my outdoor work room and designed & created lots of new moon themed decor.. Including a best selling crescent moon tree topper.

More about me..

I am 28, a mum to two littles, I live in the heart of Bedfordshire and I like to drink coffee in the morning & Prosecco on the weekend.

I share behind the scenes and snippets of my daily life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & TikTok - @thecosmicworkroom